Usui Reiki Certification

Certification Process

1)  All Reiki classes are conducted via Zoom on the appointed date and time.

2)  Payment for your class is done before being able to book a class.

3)  Class length depends upon the number of students joining the class.  I keep each class under 3 students.  Each class will be from 1-2 hours long.

4)  Once I receive your payment via my website, you will receive an email confirmation of your Reiki class Level, date and time of class, as well as a deadline that you the student must have completed reading the Institute of Intuition Usui Reiki Manual, which is emailed to you as soon as payment is received.

5)  All students completing my online Reiki class will receive a framable certificate of completion for your level of practice, either Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and also a direct lineage line to the creator Usui once at the Master level.

6) I use my intuition to attune my students, if there is a blockage or a refusal to be attuned with a particular symbol we intuitively address it on the spot, I am able to open the chakras 100% through this attunement process and certification journey while also giving gentle guidance on changes that may occur for the student.


Reiki l

You will learn the history of Usui Reiki, be attuned with the power symbol and given techniques to make your own and also engage in Q&A. 


Reiki ll

You will be attuned with the distance symbol and taught how to provide distance reiki sessions followed by Q&A. 


Reiki lll 

You will be attuned at the Master level and can create and provide your own teaching course and attunement process of Usui Reiki.