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I was fortunate to have grown up in a home where a somewhat holistic mindset could be accepted. My journey back to myself started unknowingly and for decades- ebbing, flowing, unbalanced, trying to survive and confused about how to. I had grown up seeing intuitives, holistic minded therapists, using homeopathic remedies, alternative medicines and even dipped my toes a couple times into mindset and self-care practices as early as middle school age. But it wasn’t until my second son was born and western medicine practices failed during his early development that I began to listen to that voice in my heart, to deliberately dig deeper again, into the innate healing capabilities and capacities of the human body and the multi-layered, multi-dimensional human being. Seeking out chiropractic care, craniosacral therapy, intuitive connection and reiki to aid in my son’s development; reacquainting myself with the limitless world of different healing modalities and spirituality- I knew we would get him hitting his milestones and functioning naturally and comfortably again. I sat down in front of a local intuitive I hadn’t seen before. I was there to represent my young son and to find solutions to his few but troublesome symptoms that had not been resolved. The first thing this woman said to me was “I understand you are here on behalf of your son, but I have to tell you, he brought you here so that you could heal him. You are the one to heal him.” Mic drop! Never once had I been told or felt that I was a healer!? Or worthy of such a gift or task. But you see that’s the biggest challenge of all in this human experience, realizing who you truly are and what you are truly capable of, we are here to heal each other, we are all healers. And it took me searching for a resolution for my son to get me to this point- to deliberately participate and create my reality. I started my deliberate self-healing journey through the practice and certification of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, it was the tool I used to “peel back the layers of gunk” and heal my energy body. And to reveal my true capacity to be healed, to heal and to utilize my innate intuition. I am also certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming and am professionally trained in Culinary Arts, so my ability to fine tune a customized “heal plan” for each client to support their mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies is how we see results and my clients go on to live fuller, healthier, more aligned lives. Teaching has become my primary passion, providing the tools of empowerment and self-knowledge so my clients are capable of creating the reality and outcomes they’d like to see in their lives. I look forward to the opportunity of speaking with you soon! B






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