Brandi with an "i"... 

is how I introduced myself growing up.  My journey to this point was unconventional to say the least- learning how to express and share love through cooking was my first stop; culinary school drop out turned published cookbook author.  Customer service management, business development consulting, private chef, server, bartender and a current flight attendant are all hats I've worn along the way in my journey back to myself.

My children and partner of 9 years have been not only the catalyst for my spiritual growth and personal healing but also my source for eternal gratitude and that we are sharing this lifetime together. 

I am a self healer, mother & mentor who has deliberately dove into life heart first into unlocking, peeling back and releasing everything that is not a true expression of me-divine, eternal love.  

And along the way I've been able to unlock and utilize the divine, innate gifts and tools that we all have access to, that we are all built with and that we all desperately need from each other to heal each other.  Humanity is a big, beautiful puzzle piece and every time we have that conversation with a stranger, or compliment or inspire one another- we heal together.   




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